Municipal-Legislative 2020:Hitch-free Session Recorded in Buea despite Separatist imposed Lockdown

The dual elections which took place Buea witnessed little or no worries despite the fact that Separatist Fighters had imposed a   Lockdown in the Regional Head quarters of the South West Region, Buea.

The long-awaited February 9 2020 municipal and legislative elections have finally taken place throughout the nation. It was a hitch-free session in Buea, South West region as no case of fraud or manipulations were recorded throughout the voting exercise.

The voting exercise saw the population of Buea report present at their various polling centres to choose members of their local councils and representatives of the National Assembly and equally to fulfil their civic responsibility.

According to statistics provided by Elections Cameroon’s (ELECAM) regional branch, some 372,929 persons registered to take part in the election in the South West Region. Fako Division had 144,194 registered voters. In that total, Buea had 41,718 registered voters. Meantime, KupeManenguba had 35,798 voters; Lebialem with 21,849 voters, Manyu had 52, 174 registered voters, Meme with 88, 590 registered voters and Ndian with 30, 324 registered voters.

The Governor of the South West Region, Bernard OkaliaBilai speaking to the press after voting indicated that he was quite satisfied with the beginning of the voting all over the region, and in the various localities. “Everything has been going on well, and we invite the population to go and vote,” He said.

“As a citizen and a Cameroonian, I am satisfied to cast my vote, and I am happy because there is security to protect us who are coming to vote,” said SammeIrine, another voter.

“I plan to stay after the elections have concluded so I can see the results, and make sure that there is transparency. Voting is a right and each and every one of us have to make sure we come out and vote.”  Joe Mbella, another voter said.

According to the chairperson of one of the polling stations in Buea, “The elections have been hitch free as the members of the commission made sure everything was done correctly as they were drilled by ELECAM personnel prior to election proper.”

“I was expecting 292 voters today, and the turnout has been very encouraging. Representatives of political parties were at the various polling centre for transparency purpose.” He said.

The twin election was held under a separatist announced lockdown in the South West and North West Regions of the country. The lockdown which began February 6 is expected to end February 12 – two days after the election. In order to protect the population at the various polling centres in Buea, and across the South West Region, security personnel from the Police, ESIR, gendarmerie, and others were stationed at those polling centres.

By Ikome Christie-Noella Eposi in Buea