Covid-19: A re-infection case at the Bamenda Health district
North West

All Covid19 treatment centers in 19 Health Districts of the NWR are operational within current armed conflict.

Despite the intensifying armed conflict in the North West Region of Cameroon, the 19 health districts have stayed steadfast in protecting the people against the deadly coronavirus amid constant kidnappings, killings, road blockages, and arson.

According to records collected from 16 health districts out of 19 in the North West region, over 23.840 persons have tested for Covid19 (using PCR and Rapid Diagnostic Test) in the North West region since the first case was announced on Monday, April 20, 2020.

The PCR is done only at the Bamenda Regional hospital and the RDTs in all health districts). From this, 787 tested positive among which 610 recovered with 69 deaths recorded, five persons were placed under oxygen. A total of 10 pregnant women tested positive, 8 recovered and 2 died. Also, 119 health personnel tested positive, 112 recovered, 5 died and 2 are currently on treatment. For the first time, the region recorded a re-infection case at the Bamenda Health district. 50 persons are receiving treatment at home – the reason why the treatment site at Azam hotel has been shut down. These leave the region with an 88.3% cure rate and a 129.33% fatality rate.

Notwithstanding, the health districts still face challenges in responding to the deadly Covid19. Njikwa and Kumbo East health districts do not have isolation centers for positive cases. They use space created at the hospitals, some having just 3 or 16 beds for over 20 positive cases. The Santa covid19 treatment center is yet to go fully operation. All the health districts trained their health staff on Covid19 care and redeployed them to the treatment centers. 2 out of the 16 districts have Covid19 response ambulances. Tubah health district uses bikes for transportation while Kumbo East district uses the district health service car that cannot go everywhere since the roads are not accessible. Shisong hospital ambulance is available with negotiations.

Laboratories are not modified because they use the Rapid Diagnostic Tests that don’t require much equipment.

The health districts mostly those operating in rural areas suffer from insufficient personnel, making it the workload heavy for those who have other programs and routine activities to handle.

Most Covid19 materials get to these health districts late due to insecurity and prolonged lockdowns.

Note that three health districts (Bafut, Bali, Benakuma, and Oku) didn’t respond to the information request sent to them.

Maikem Emmanuela

Work carried out as part of the « Fact and Data Covid-19 Cameroon » project with financial support from AFD and technical support from Expertise France and CFI within the framework of PAGOF.


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