AFRICA-EUROPE : Rebuilding relations

Over 200 participants from 15 African and European countries continue dialogues on the Africa-Europe relations this Saturday December 3, in Yaounde, Cameroon during the Our Future Africa-Europe Dialogues Forum.

Discussing Africa-Europe relations this Saturday December 3, at the International Relations Institute of Cameroon during the Our Future Africa-Europe Dialogues forum is Professor Emmanuel Wonyu, an expert in international relations. Currently a lecturer at the International Relations Institute of Cameroon, Prof. Emmanuel Wonyu has taught world dynamics for over 26 years now, with a focus on the Africa-Europe relations.

According to him, Europe has been present in the economic, social and political life of Africa for a very long time. “At the moment, the relation is good. It is an old, historic and geographic relation. Europe colonized and accompanied Africa to independence so it tells you that Europe is very present in African affairs.”

Nonetheless, Prof. Emmanuel Wonyu also thinks there is a need to rethink the Africa-Europe relations especially with regards to the realities of the time. “Africa is beginning to tilt their attention towards other regions like Russia and China for example and I think it is for this reason that we need to rethink the Africa-Europe relations to place Africa at the center of the dealings. Africa should be able to decide their policies following the African realities.” He says.

Prof. Emmanuel Wonyu also raises that Europe up to this point decides policy for Africa as well as sets the economic and political agenda for Africa, which should change to make Africa decide according to African realities.

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Cet article a été réalisé en collaboration avec Médias & Démocratie (M &D), dans le cadre du Forum Régional de Yaoundé « Notre Futur »
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