Biogaz: Gaby Yakse develops a system by using domestic waste
Gaby Yakse setting the biogas machine at FIAC 2023 ©DataCameroon

Biogaz: Gaby Yakse develops a system by using domestic waste

To obtain the consumable gas, the biochemist uses the Vibacnyl biodigester, an intelligent septic tank, for processing waste Biogaz domestic waste.

Gaby Yakse, a specialist in biochemistry has been working on how to produce biogas. Inspired by the works of the Germans, the man now in his fifties made many years of research, to be able to produce domestic gas, using a biodigester (a sealed container where microorganisms break down organic material into biogas and fertilizer through a natural process. Editor’s note).

It all began around 36 years ago, when Gaby, a student of 4e at Manengouba secondary school in the Moungo division of Cameroon’s Littoral region, heard his teachers talk about biogas in class. His curiosity led him, from secondary school through to university, to carry out research in this area. Now age 55, Gaby is a PhD holder in biochemistry. He has led a team of 20 researchers to come up with a system which can produce biogas through organic waste. It is produced using the Vibacnyl biodigester Biogaz domestic waste. «Vibacnyl biodigester is an intelligent septic tank. It is automatic, everything is done automatically», informs Gaby Yakse. He adds: «It is economical and less dangerous compared to the classic gas. There is a very low risk of a fire outbreak when using this gas, because when it comes out, it quickly disappears in the air. It cooks faster than the classic gas because it has large molecules. »

To obtain the Vibacnyl biogas production system, households can request for it to be installed in their homes. Once the demand is made, a team from the vibacnyl company carries out some studies on the place Biogaz domestic waste. They verify if the house has a septic tank first. The septic tank is transformed into a biodigester or if it is not transformable, a new biodigester is constructed. Once the complete system is installed, it can sustain itself.

The price range for the purchase and installation of a vibacnyl biogas production system is between 500.000 to 6 million F Cfa. The cost price of each, depends on what the consumer wants and the elements that should be installed alongside it.

Present at the international business and trade fair (Fiac), being held from 1st to 12 november 2023 in Douala Biogaz domestic waste. The specialist in biochemistry is aiming to raise awareness on the importance of using biogas, as well as finding potential customers.

Rex AFON (Intern)

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