Insecurity: 201 murder cases recorded in Cameroon in three months
Members of the team of NGOs at the press conference in Douala

Insecurity: 201 murder cases recorded in Cameroon in three months

A joint report from 50 local nongovernmental organizations (NGO) compiled and published by «Un monde avenir», states that the killings were recorded in Cameroon between July to September 2023 Insecurity in cameroon.

201 cases of murder, 32 people kidnapped and 666 cases of arbitrary arrest are amongst the acts of violence recorded from july to september 2023 in Cameroon.

The information which is contained in the summary of the 3rd quarter report on the human rights situation in Cameroon 2023, are the results of the investigations of 50 local nongovernmental organizations (NGO).  It has been published by «Un monde avenir», a civil society organization which focuses on access to rights, combating discrimination and public mobilization.

The statistics of this report (not yet online) show that, the South West and North West region alone recorded 131 murder cases, while the Far North had 54. The other seven regions shared the remaining 16 Insecurity in cameroon. The report also outlines that at least 115 civilians, 30 defense and security forces, 43 elements of non-governmental armed groups and 14 Boko haram militants are amongst these murders.

The information was revealed on Friday the 24th of November 2023 during a press conference. The armed conflict in the North West and South West region was said to be the reason for its ranking as the two regions with the highest number of murder cases.

The crisis situation in the North West and South West and in the Far North regions is getting worse by the day. «The situation worsens as the semesters unfold Insecurity in cameroon. Contrary to what we are made to believe, in the north west and south west regions, there are cases of murder almost every week. Contrary to what we are made to believe, there are still deaths caused by Boko haram insurgencies in the far north region» Philippe Nanga, coordinator of Un monde avenir, explains.

Asides murder cases, 748 cases of human rights violations were recorded in Cameroon during the three months period. The report also records 666 cases of arbitrary arrests and detention that have been recorded just in the north west region alone, between July to September Insecurity in cameroon. The NGO has recommended that the state of Cameroon releases all those who are currently under detention in prisons for no just cause.

Rex Afon (Intern)

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