Partnership: A transnational collaboration for investigative journalism
The representatives of Adisi-Cameroun and Cenozo during the signing ceremony

A transnational collaboration for investigative journalism

Enhancing access to information by journalists, promoting freedom of the press in west and central Africa amongst others, are the objectives of the partnership signed between Adisi-Cameroun and Cenozo Partnership for investigative journalism.

Henceforth, journalists in the West and Central african regions will benefit from substantial training on how investigate. This is the result of a partnership deal signed between the Association pour le développement intégré et la solidarité interactive (Adisi-Cameroun) and la Cellule Norbert Zongo pour le journalisme d’investigation en Afrique de l’Ouest (Cenozo) Partnership for investigative journalism. The signing ceremony took place on December 6th 2023, at the head office of Adisi-Cameroun, in Douala.

Paul-Joël Kamtchang, executive secretary of Adisi-Cameroun and David Dembele, president of the board of directors of Cenozo signed on behalf of their organizations. They both affirm that the Central african region has limited experience in investigative journalism. This partnership will thus help promote the flow of ideas between the two regions. «It is a question of creating a bridge between the members of our organization and those of Adisi, and with those with whom they work daily, not just in Cameroon but in central Africa. We want to create an impact through our actions», elaborates David Dembele Partnership for investigative journalism.

The deal will also boost the sharing of competences between the two organizations. «We have many new techniques to investigate, used by journalists in west Africa. The idea is to make it in a way that those of central Africa benefit from that, and also construct editorial projects which will pave the way for us to see the practice of good journalism in central Africa», explains Paul-Joël.

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The reason for this association is the common problems shared between Central and West Africa Partnership for investigative journalism. For example, the current security challenges Cameroon has in the North region with Islamic sects, is similar to what Mali is facing in their Northern part. Equipping journalists with the required knowledge will help them better collect and present reliable information.

In the coming weeks, projects will be mounted through joint efforts from both organizations. Journalists will then be selected, and trained.

Rex Afon (Intern) 

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