Entrepreneurship: concertations between cameroonians and canadians
The Cameroonian and Quebec delegation during the meeting ©DataCameroon

Entrepreneurship: concertations between cameroonians and canadians

20 young entrepreneurs from Cameroon and Quebec in Canada have held a meeting in Douala to share their competences in business Entrepreneurship between cameroonians canadians.

31-year-old cameroonian born Hasanne Christelle Yatchow is now the owner of a canadian based company «Maison 5dimensionsions». Created in 2020 in Quebec, a province in Eastern Canada Entrepreneurship between cameroonians canadians. The company is a cultural organization aiming at highlighting and valuing the work of crafted artists and creators in different domains of operations.

Hasanne is among a delegation of ten canadian entrepreneurs who are visiting Cameroon. They have met with ten cameroonian entrepreneurs from different sectors, with whom they examined spheres in which they can work together. «It is a pleasure for me to be in Cameroon, my country of origin, my source, my roots to see how things are going within the entrepreneurial sector Entrepreneurship between cameroonians canadians. From the exchange we have had this first day of the international entrepreneurial forum, I have seen that though the cultural environment is different, the problems we encounter are similar. We both need financing and proper structuring within the small and medium size sector», says Hasanne.

This first meeting was consecrated to the presentation of the activities of the 20 entrepreneurs from both Canada and Cameroon.  Major challenges were also highlighted during their discussions. Amongst them is the availability of sufficient funds to run their businesses and also the need for a vast market that will enhance a favorable turnover Entrepreneurship between cameroonians canadians. «The exchange with our cameroonian counterparts has given room for the desire to do more, talk more and be open to more opportunities. We have knowledge to share with each other, we have solutions to supply one another. This forum gives an excellent breathing ground for collaboration», explains Hasanne

Young Cameroonian entrepreneurs have been reminded that they have the chance to fly to Quebec to both acquire more skills in business and also to seek new markets for their products Entrepreneurship between cameroonians canadians. «We came here to remind the Cameroonian youth that, we are capable of operating programs that allow young Cameroonians to come to Quebec to reinforce their capacities, discover new markets, practice the exchange of expertise» stresses Éric-Olivier Pietrantoni, Director of communication, at «Les offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec (LOJIQ, organizers of the forum.

The concertation between the entrepreneurs from the two countries who are both members of the french bloc, la francophonie, falls within the framework of the third international entrepreneurial forum held from 1st to 2nd november 2023 Entrepreneurship between cameroonians canadians.

Rex AFON, Intern  

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